Quick At-Home Toothache Remedies

Dealing with an aching tooth can be quite dreadful and painful. Toothache pain can be a serious indicator of several underlying problems, ranging from cavities and infections to gum disease and even cancer. The pain that accompanies eating or drinking is a signal from your body that something could be potentially wrong.

Fortunately, there are several quick home remedies available to help soothe toothache pain. These are all at-home items that can commonly be found in the average kitchen.

Ice and heating packs

Icing your tooth can help numb and soothe the pain. Rub the ice on the pressure area from anywhere between five to seven minutes. Icing helps because it helps stop pain signals to the brain. Placing an ice pack on your cheek may also reduce any swelling or bleeding gums. This help alleviate any aches and pain as a result. Heating and using warm water can also soothe the area in combination with the ice.

Garlic and clove oil

Clove oil is a natural remedy for numbing pain. Rubbing it directly on the sore area can help alleviate the pain along the tooth and gums. Some say this is even as effective as over-the-counter toothache gels like benzocaine.

Garlic is another common ally in fighting toothaches. Crushing garlic cloves releases allicin, a natural disease fighter that will help ease the ache. Chewing on a piece of garlic or applying a chopped piece of garlic on the tooth can work wonders.

Saltwater and hydrogen peroxide rinsing

For many decades, taking a swig of salt water was the go-to remedy for aches and pains. As a natural disinfectant, it serves as an effective first-line of treatment for toothaches. Salt water also reduces inflammation and can help clean any wounds in the mouth.

Hydrogen peroxide, like salt water, helps kill bacteria and plaque, as well as healing bleeding gums. Many people use hydrogen peroxide as a nightly mouthwash, but make sure not to swallow!

Essential oils

There are many essential oils that act as a powerful antibacterial. Most of these essential oils also act as antioxidants and have properties that can help treat a nagging toothache. A wonderful example of an effective essential oil is thyme. Mixing a drop of thyme to a small glass of water can also act as a powerful mouthwash!

If your toothache causes severe pain, you may require more detailed medical attention. There are plenty of other symptoms associated with toothaches that go well beyond at-home remedies. However, these are four quick and effective treatments for a simple toothache when you’re busy and cannot leave the house. Next time you are suffering from an aching tooth, make sure to check your kitchen cabinets first before running to the doctor.

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