Dental Implant Procedure

The Dental Implant Procedure At All Brite Dental in Dearborn MI, we specialize in treating patients that are suffering from The Dental Implant Procedure. If you have been avoiding the dentist due to fear of what a procedure could be like or simply do not enjoy having dental work done, give us a call. In …

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Types of Gum Disease Treatment

Thanks to gum disease treatment, people with gingivitis or periodontitis can reverse or at least manage the symptoms of their condition. The early stage of gum disease, known as gingivitis, can be reversed by getting your teeth professionally cleaned by our local Dearborn Dental Clinic or Brownstown Dentists. The more advanced stages of gum disease …

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Uses for Mouth Guards

Mouthguards have many names – occlusal guard, night guard, bite guard, mouthpiece, occlusal splint – and function as a protective appliance to shield the teeth and gums from injury or damage. They are available in different forms, but the best and most effective types are those provided by the dentist. Custom-made mouth guards, like the …

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