Same Day vs. Traditional Dental Implants

dentalimplants1Wondering if you should get dental implants? If you are someone who is missing multiple teeth, then considering getting dental implants where your natural teeth used to be is definitely worth your time looking into.

Your mouth is not considered to be healthy unless it has a full set of teeth. When you have multiple teeth missing, some or many of your remaining teeth will no longer have anything to keep them in their correct position.

When your remaining teeth start to move out of their correct position you now have to deal with crooked teeth problems, which is one of the more common causes of tooth decay.

About Dental Implants

Many dental patients are choosing to have implants when they are missing multiple teeth. The reason is that a dental implant is the closest thing available to a natural tooth. When someone loses a tooth, the roots of that tooth are no longer anchored into the jawbone. This now means that the jawbone in this area is no longer being stimulated, which will eventually lead to various degrees of jawbone loss.

Implants are surgically inserted into the jawbone and will once again stimulate the jawbone in that area.

This prevents any jawbone loss that comes with missing teeth. The new dental implant will need to be properly cared for just like one’s natural teeth.

Same-day Implants

The same-day dental implant procedure uses advanced dental technologies to help those who are missing multiple teeth.

An experienced dentist will take a 3D scan of the patient’s mouth during the first appointment. This means that the implants will be made according to each patient’s specifications.

During the second appointment, the patient will have the implants placed in their mouth that day. This allows for a much quicker dental implant process.

This procedure is great for a quick-fix for people looking to resolve their missing teeth or tooth issue quickly. However, it is not necessarily a long-term solution.

Traditional dental implants

The traditional dental implant procedure is one that requires a patient to undergo two separate surgical procedures. The first procedure requires the implant to be surgically inserted into the jawbone, which takes up to six months to fully heal.

Upon healing, the patient will need to undergo a second procedure. In this procedure, a dentist will attach the anchor that will hold it in its place, allowing it to act just like a natural tooth.

Whereas same-day implants are great for short-term solutions, traditional implants are more appropriate for a permanent solution to missing teeth. Since the implant is surgically inserted with an anchor to hold it down, it lasts much longer than a same-day implant.

Do You Need to Make An Appointment for Implants?

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