Why Us?

At All Brite Dental we take a unique approach to comprehensive dental crowns that’s unmatched by any other crown dentistry in Brownstown and Dearborn.  Patients travel from all over Southeast Michigan and even as far as Florida and Arizona for our expert dental care. Drs. Zia and Ayesha Rafiq truly redefine the patient experience through their experience, expertise, hospitality, passion, and commitment to new technology.

Our dentists at All Brite Dental boast the extensive training, expertise, and most importantly, we create a positive dental experience for all members in your family.  Drs. Zia and Ayesha Rafiq cultivate a fun and interactive environment for children who come to our offices in Dearborn and Brownstown.

Our dental professionals implement exclusive porcelain crowns to fix aesthethic issues created by tooth decay and damage.  The after results produced through our crown dentistry are evident in the Smile Gallery.

The Best Crown Dentistry Dentists in Dearborn and Brownstown

Dentists Drs. Zia and Ayesha Rafiq and our dental health professionals received the finest education and training to service patients with the healthiest smile possible.  Not only do our expert dentists have the excellent training, but we believe in continuing our education, building knowledge, and investing in the latest porcelain dental crowns to augment our services at All Brite Dental.

We aim to grow with your family and sustain our reputation as the finest dental care team available.  Our professional memberships in dental associations and organizations gives us an advantage in staying ahead of the curve as innovative dental professionals.

Redefining Relationships

Our oral health care team doesn’t want you to see a dental visit as a burden or inconvenience.  In addition to our investment in ongoing education and technology, we spend the time to build trust with our patients.

All Brite Dental believes the trust formed between dentists and patients is extremely important.  That’s why we aim to establish a positive, interactive, and friendly experience every time our patients come for a dental visit.  Children and adults enjoy their time spent with us and look forward to their next visit.

Working Together

Drs. Zia and Ayesha work with our patients to promote the best looking and healthiest smiles.  A patient’s dental care doesn’t end the moment they leave our office.  We dedicate valuable time to educating children and adults about good oral hygiene practices for maintaining dental crowns.  Our patients should also invest in their smile on a daily basis.

Preventive dental practices are the key to healthy mouths and smiles.  Our extensive comprehensive exams, patient education, and general dentistry services centers on ongoing care for prevention of oral diseases, cavities, tooth decay, and other ailments that commonly afflict people.

Family Dentistry

As mentioned before, we focus on cultivating a positive and interactive experience for adults and children.  Parents come to us with their children and for themselves.  We strive to develop a solid relationship that grows with you as your family blossoms.

Children from the nearby Downriver areas love visiting our dental offices in Brownstown and Dearborn.  Our dentists employ fun analogies to describe dental treatments and keep them engaged.  We do everything possible to make children and adults comfortable when they receive dental care.

Ready to Meet Our Dentists in Dearborn and Brownstown?

We’ve provided every reason for you to check out our fine dental practices in Brownstown and Dearborn. Won’t you consider joining our family for dental care?  Exploring the incredible benefits of dental crowns is only a phone call or email away.

Drs. Zia and Ayesha Rafiq provide the best dental care for you and your family. If you’re ready to consider joining our dental family, feel free to contact us about our crown dentistry services.

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