Laser Dental Cleaning

In Dearborn & Brownstown, MI.

At All Brite Dental, we use lasers extensively​ for cleanings, fillings, and gum disease treatment.

Why Lasers?

Lasers allow for faster healing times and more predictable results with very little to no discomfort.  Some dental procedures can even be done without anesthetic! They truly are wonderful machines.

We use two different lasers, one is the Epic laser (by Biolase ) primarily used by our hygienists who have been certified and trained to use these lasers for gum detoxification and gum disease treatment.

The other is the Waterlase MD (by Biolase) which is used by the doctor to perform many types of fillings, gum sculpting, and other surgeries without shots!

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Benefits of using lasers

Compared to the methods of traditional dentistry, this type of cleaning has many added benefits.

  • You will feel a laser in the same way you feel sunshine on your teeth and gums.
  • You will need less pain medication, or even none at all, after a laser dental cleaning.
  • Lasers do not cut, tear or make physical contact, so there will be less pain.

If you have ever been given a prescription for an antibiotic before a dental cleaning, then you know that sometimes bacteria can enter your bloodstream during cleaning and causes infections. Hard Smart Cleaning helps destroy bacteria before cleaning.

Laser Cleanings (DETOX)

This is the first step in the deep cleaning process. The laser painlessly disinfects 99% of the bacteria under the gums before we start your second step...the scaling.

During scaling most people's gums bleed which is due to little tears in the blood vessels that are inside your gum pocket. This tearing can allow the bacteria from your mouth to get into your blood stream! The laser makes for a more “heart smart” cleaning by eliminating the bacteria beforehand!

epic laser

Periodontal disease treatment with Lasers

When the Epic laser is used for this treatment, also known as “deep cleaning” or “gum disease treatment” the end results are reached with much less pain and quicker, as long as the patient is doing their part at home with proper hygiene.

Following scaling/root planing the epic laser is used to remove a thin layer of diseased tissue to allow for faster healing and for the gums to “tighten up.” In addition, the laser is bio stimulating to increase blood flow to the area for faster healing …! This does cost extra because of the extra time spent in using the laser.

But with less bleeding, pain, and faster healing it is worth every penny!

Waterlase laser (Availble at our Dearborn Location)

​Laser Fillings
The Waterlase allows for many small to medium size cavities to be removed without shots. The laser will not remove old metal fillings. The laser also decreases the chances of nerve death which is possible with any dental procedure. No extra charge!

​Laser Bonding
All teeth are bio stimulated with the laser, before the filling, which allows not only for faster healing and less sensitivity but also a laser bonded filling which increases the strength of the filling by 50%! No extra charge! ​

Laser Gum Sculpting
​If your teeth look short due to overgrown gums this laser can remove the excess gum tissue with little to no bleeding and in most cases without Shots and no pain after!!!

​Laser Smile Rejuvenation
If you notice the edges of your front teeth looking jagged and rough and do not know how it happened…….WE DO! This usually requires expensive veneers that can cost thousands of dollars. In many cases, the laser allows restoring the original shape of the tooth at a fraction of the price and without shots!



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