Special Dental Offers


1. The Fast Way (One Hour Whitening) with Sapphire Whitening System

  •  One hour in office process can whiten teeth between 8 and 10 shades.
  • We use Sapphire Whitening System, the best ranked one hour product on the market. Does not use harmful UV rays and LUMIBRITE Desensitizing Gel shields against whitening sensitivity.

 2. The Permanent Way (KoR Deep Bleaching) 

  • The most advanced and effective whitening system on the market. Guaranteed to whiten and keep your teeth white with low to no sensitivity!

3. The Free Way 

  • All new patients at All Brite Dental receive free membership into the Life Time Whitening Program. The whitening system includes custom made bleaching tray and bleaching tubes. Bleaching tubes are replaced for free at your regular 6 month check up and cleaning.



Kids Love All Brite Dental!


Our office is a fun a relaxed place, with games, prizes, and gifts.

We listen to patients of all ages and take the time to make them feel comfortable.

We teach basic brushing and flossing techniques and how to avoid cavities.

With our lasers we can treat children in many cases with no shots, drills or numbness.

Your child’s first experience at the dentist is important, a good experience will want them coming back and not scare them away. We encourage parents to bring children to watch their parents cleaning so they become comfortable with the environment and familiar with the staff.

$39 Children Exam and Cleaning (Reg over $200)
$99 Adult Laser Cleaning and Exam (Reg over $250)

Special Offers

Is your dentist a Laser Dentist?

Lasers have revolutionized the health care industry and are the future of dentistry.

Lasers allow dentist to perform many procedures without any pain, often eliminating the need for stitches and scalpels, and speeds up recovery time.

If you are still feeling pain at your dentist you are going to the wrong dentist!

All Brite Dental has been a Leader in Laser Dentistry with over ten years of comprehensive experience. We are one of the few dental offices providing laser dentistry in Michigan and best of all we never charge any additional fees for the use of the laser. 


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