Root Canal Treatment

If you need an emergency Root Canal treatment or are worried you might have a potential issue that could lead to a Root Canal, please call our Dearborn Dental Clinic, or Brownstown Dentistry ASAP.

At All Brite Dental, our endodontists are root canal specialists that can help restore your teeth so they can last a lifetime.

What is a root canal?

root canal treatment

A root canal is a procedure that may be necessary when a tooth becomes infected.  As the infection worsens, patients may need a root canal treatment to remove the bacteria and prevent reinfection of the tooth.  Endotist specialists do this to help save the original tooth.

If you have an existing tooth infection or are concerned you may have an issue, it's important to contact us ASAP to receive treatment before irreversible damage occurs.

What are some common symptoms?

You should come to see us ASAP if you experience any of these symptoms:

  • Ongoing pain or discomfort.  Not all cases involve persistent pain, the pain may sometimes go away, however it will always come back.
  • Sensitivity to heat or cold.  If your teeth hurt when drinking a cold or warm beverage, this may be an indication of a deeper issue and should be discussed with us immediately.
  • Discoloration - If your tooth becomes discolored you should have it examed immediately.  Discoloration doesn't always indicate an infection, however, it's always good to let us know if this occurs to your teeth.
  • Swelling in the gums or cheek area.  Swollen or painful gums can indicate infection.  If your gums are painful to the touch let us know ASAP.
  • Loose teeth.  If your teeth start to get a little wiggle room you may have an issue.

What to expect from a root canal treatment.

Thankfully, the root canal treatment is mostly painless.  In most cases, you'll have less discomfort during recovery than if you had the tooth extracted altogether.

Our dentists use modern techniques, and anesthesia to ensure the entire treatment is as pain-free as possible for patients.

The procedure starts with the anesthetic to numb the areas, we then work to remove the infected pulp.  After the procedure is complete we will fill and seal the tooth and provide you with a prescription for antibiotics to take during recovery.


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