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Best Places To Visit in Dearborn Mi

Are you wondering what the best places to visit in Dearborn, Mi are?  Whether you are a visitor looking to explore the area or a resident looking to kill time and know your town better, this article can help.   Read on to learn about a few places our Dearborn Dentist & clinic staff recommend you check out when visiting. 

Dearborn Historical Museum

The Dearborn Historical Museum opened its doors in 1950 and was affectionately coined the “Gateway to Dearborns Past”. Located at 915 S Brady St, the museum is just 2 minutes (0.4miles) from our Dearborn Dentists office.

Before the building was transitioned into a museum, it was a military headquarters for the Detriot Arsenal (part of the United States Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command). The museum grounds also include the McFadden Ross House, which served as the arsenal’s powder magazine until 1875 when it was sold to Nathaniel Ross to be converted into a farmhouse.

Places To Visit in Dearborn

The Henry Ford

First opened in 1933 by the famous automaker himself, The Henry Ford is a perfect destination for anyone looking for a full day of exciting experiences.  Some notable mentions you won’t want to miss include an authentic model of the presidential limousine used by John F Kennedy, a wide variety of historical automotive artifacts, and stunning displays of transportation technology.

The Henry Ford is an outdoor and indoor complex that features five significant attractions including:

  1. The Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation,
  2. The Ford Rouge Factory Tour
  3. The Benson Ford Research Center
  4. The Henry Ford Giant Screen Experience
  5. Greenfield Village

Greenfield Village

Deserving a bit of additional love is Greenfield Village. Located within the Henery Ford Complex, Greenfield Village was dedicated in 1929 and opened to the public in 1933 as America’s first outdoor living history museum (inspiring the many that are modeled after it). Entering through a gate near the Benson Ford Research Center and Josephine Ford Memorial Fountain, you’ll be transported back in time as you walk among nearly a hundred relocated historical buildings that make up the village. Only 90 acres of the total 240 acres that Greenfield Village sits on are used for the attractions, and the remaining land is dedicated to forests, rivers, and pasture for horses and sheep.

The village is staffed by costumed actors who undertake period tasks (like sewing, cooking, and farming) to show firsthand how Americans have worked and lived since the country’s founding. Within the village, there are a collection of craft buildings, including glass blowing, pottery, and tin shops, which provide demonstrations and objects for sale. Greenfield Village is a great option for the entire family that our Dentist highly recommends.

Places To Visit in Dearborn

Arab American National Museum

The Arab American National Museum is the first of its kind in the country. It is the only museum dedicated to Arab American culture and history. It showcases all the contributions in politics, business, and culture that have been made or influenced by Arab Americans. Visitors can expect to enjoy engaging exhibits that include Arab civilization, coming to America, living in America, and making an impact.

The collections include personal papers, photos, objects, and documents. The museum is a testament to America being a giant melting pot and is a must-see for anyone in Dearborn.

Places To Visit in Dearborn

Fair Lane: The Henry Ford Estate

The elegant estate, dubbed “Fair Lane“, was the home of the illustrious automaker Henry Ford and his spouse Clara. The gardens and estate grounds consist of 1,300 acres of farmland located alongside the River Rouge in Dearborn. The estate lets visitors explore the gardens and grounds between 8.00 AM and 6.00 PM. The estate is home to a leading innovation and technology incubator and is renowned for hosting some of America’s sharpest minds with names including Thomas Edison, John Burrow, and Harvey Firestone.

This location is excellent for anyone seeking to witness and be inspired by America’s leading innovators.

Automotive Hall of Fame

The Automotive Hall of Fame Is a museum founded in 1939 to demonstrate the impressive achievements of Americans in the automotive industry. The hall is a part of the MotorCity national heritage area and has various galleries that feature permanent and changing exhibits. Visitors can expect immersive and educational exhibits that interest both the casual visitor and the dedicated auto enthusiast.

Notable mentions include a display of Karl Benz (the inventor of the internal combustion engine that powered the first automobile) and a spectacular painting with pride of place in the Hall of Honor. Visitors can also check out the Lincoln Highway to learn more about the first interstate in America.



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