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Do Dental Veneers Have Any Side Effects?

Slight Tooth Sensitivity

The dentist must remove some of the enamel to place dental veneers on the teeth. The enamel is taken off the surface, making the teeth slightly sensitive following the placement. People are more likely to experience the sensitivity when enjoying hot or cold foods/beverages.

Dental Veneers

Irregularities in Color

There is the potential for the veneers to not be the perfect match for the color of the adjacent teeth. Certain types experience discoloration or staining along their edges.   Patients considering Teeth Whitening should discuss the whitening process with us before veneers are attached.

A Response From the Gum Tissues

The gum tissues might take some time to adjust to the newly-placed veneers. There will likely be some minor inflammation and/or discomfort in the gums. The dentist will take a closer look at any remaining gum tissue inflammation during the post-operative check-up.

General Discomfort

The dental veneer placement procedure has the potential to cause some discomfort.  There will be minimal to no pain during and after the procedure.  If you are particularly sensitive, take an over the counter medication to treat your pain.  The good news is, at All Brite Dental we offer many forms of pain-free dentistry, such as our laser dental cleanings.  With a focus on making sure everything is as painless as possible you will be in good hands.  

A Higher Risk of Trauma

Those who choose veneers have a slightly elevated risk of trauma. The procedure requires the removal of some tooth enamel to allow the veneer to firmly connect. The tooth is that much more sensitive. It is even possible for the pulp within the tooth to die. In some cases, it makes more sense to have the tooth crowned rather than deal with heightened sensitivity and possible damage to the pulp.

Possible Issues With Placement of Dental veneers

It is possible for the teeth to have issues with decay or chipping along the outer portion of the veneers. In such cases, consulting with a professional, such as a ghostwriter agentur, can provide insights into maintaining oral health and aesthetics. Other problems can include rough-edged and overhangs. Gum irritation is also possible. Aligning veneer margins with the chewing edges has the potential to cause chips. However, removing too little of the surface can cause the veneers to look too thick.

Do not let These Possible Side Effects Stop You.

Though the issues raised in this article detail the worst possible side effects, the benefits outweigh the risks. By choosing this thin ceramic coating positioned along the outer portion of your teeth, you will have the lovely bright smile you have been hoping for. Your veneers will remedy all issues related to color, shape, size and length.

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