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General Dentistry

Welcome to All Brite Dental! Our Dentists provide a complete range of General Dental Care Services at both our Dearborn Dental Clinic & Brownstown Location.

Our team is proud to provide dental care that goes beyond expectations. From regular dental exams & cleanings, cosmetic dentistry, to services such as Root Canals, Implants, and Dentures, our team is ready to provide you the care you need in a compassionate and stress-free environment.

general dentistry

Our general dentistry services include:

Dental Exams & Cleanings.

Ensure your oral health stays on track with regular exams & cleanings. By maintaining a regular schedule with our dentists you’ll be able to get ahead of potential problems before they develop.

Laser Cleanings (Detox)
We use the latest dental technologies, an that includes our laser cleaning systems. Laser cleanings painlessly destroy 99% of the bacteria under your gums. We do this before starting to clean and scale your teeth.

Fluoride Treatments

To help strengthen your enamel you’ll receive fluoride treatments at the end of the visit. Fluoride is an important step to help protect your teeth and can even help reverse early signs of decay / periodontal disease.

Bad breath treatments.

If your breath is smelly, chewing gum or eating a mint isn’t the solution (it’s just a band-aid). A visit to your local All Brite Dental office can help you quickly get rid of bad breath. Call us today if you’d like to get started.

Treating gum disease.

We prevent and treat gum disease at both our Dearborn & Brownstown dental offices. As periodontal disease experts, we ensure your oral health gets back on track by treating the problem before it leads to more serious complications such as gum recession, tooth loss, and full-body health issues caused by plaque.

Fillings / Sealants / Mouthguards.

We can provide sealants to help protect tough to clean areas (such as the backsides of your teeth!). If a cavity occurs we provide a color matched filling that you won’t’ even notice. We also can create custom fit mouth guards for a range of needs (from sports mouthguards to grind guards for sleeping).


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