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How to Care for Developing Teeth

Kid’s teeth need to be properly cared for each day, just like adult teeth. If the teeth aren’t cared for, then kids are at risk of having their teeth decay or erode before their adult teeth are ready to come in. Knowing how a child should care for their developing teeth can be helpful so that their teeth stay in optimal shape as they grow up.  

In this article, our Dentist in Dearborn, MI is happy to discuss tips to maintain healthy teeth as they develop.

How kids should care for their developing teeth

Avoid excess amounts of sugar

Although children absolutely love sugary goods and beverages, it is important that they don’t consume excessive amounts of it. Sugar almost always sticks to the surface of the teeth, leaving behind a residue that eventually turns into plaque. Plaque will harden on the teeth and eventually eat away at the enamel causing decay.

If a child’s teeth begin to decay before fully developing then there is a risk of erosion which may ultimately harm the mouth as a whole. It is best to avoid sugary juices or candies that may put the teeth at risk. However, when sugar is consumed, brush the teeth immediately in order to cleanse the teeth so that plaque doesn’t form.

Brush regularly

it is important that children brush their teeth regularly so that leftover food particles don’t remain on the surface or in between teeth. As the teeth develop, it is crucial that they are cleaned every day so that bacteria which may halt the developing process.

It is advised that a soft-bristled toothbrush is used for children’s developing teeth as they are delicate but do need care.

Visit the dentist regularly

Dentists recommend that children go to the dentist regularly so that they can monitor the developing teeth. While adults are advised to go twice a year, a kid-friendly dentist may recommend that a child goes more frequently depending on how fast their teeth are developing. They are able to check on the growth of the teeth as well as ensure that there aren’t any abnormalities.


As children’s teeth develop over time, it is important that they take good care of their teeth each day to ensure that optimal oral health is achieved. It’s best to brush regularly and avoid excessive amounts of sugar so that the teeth stay healthy. Talking with a kid-friendly dentist can really help a child and their parent know how to better care for their teeth and gums too.

If you have questions about caring for children’s teeth as they develop then reach out to our office today. We have trained professionals who can help answer any questions that you might have. Give us a call or stop in today.

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