Pediatric Dentist

Comprehensive Dental Care.

Our team is committed to caring for your child's smile for many years. We love to watch our patients' smiles grow from little to big, whether we're teaching a toddler how to brush their baby teeth or fitting a little leaguer for his first athletic mouthguard.

We encourage kids to get interested and involved during their visits because we genuinely believe that long-term oral health is a team effort.

It's never too early to start!

Convenient Kids Dental Care


Our two dental offices are conveniently located in Dearborn & Brownstown.

We treat children at a very young age because preventative oral care is essential for a healthy life.

A healthy smile can also help with their ability to eat and speak clearly, and decrease the need for braces later on.

As a kids dentist, we will work with you to schedule appointments for a time that is convenient so that you do not have to pull the kids out of school or take too much time off work.

Let us know what your scheduling restrictions are when calling our office so that we can provide you with a convenient appointment time.

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About Our Pediatric Dentistry

  • Routine Dental Cleanings & Exams:  Kids' dental visits are a family affair, so we welcome parents back into the treatment area if he or she feels nervous. After the visit is over, we will thoroughly discuss the findings with you, along with go over recommendations for treatment and long-term maintenance.
  • Protective Dental Sealants: Dental sealants fill in the grooves on the chewing surfaces of the back molars, an area where food particles commonly get caught and cause cavities. Sealants can be applied quickly with no shots or drilling, effectively protecting your child’s teeth for years.
  • Tooth-Colored Fillings:  Tooth-colored fillings require less preparation than traditional metal fillings, which means fewer shots and less drilling. They’re also very natural-looking, so you won't even notice a difference in the appearance of your child's smile.
  • Fluoride Treatments:  Fluoride is a naturally-occurring mineral that strengthens enamel and protects teeth from decay. It's even been proven to reverse the early stages of decay! At All Brite Dental, we provide a safe, kid-friendly fluoride treatment after each cleaning.
  • Pediatric Crowns:  Sometimes called “baby teeth crowns,” these are used to cover a tooth that’s too small or too damaged for a filling. We place both white and stainless steel (silver) crowns, depending on where the damaged tooth is located.
  • Emergency Kids Dental Care:  Accidents happen, especially with inquisitive and energetic kids. If your child experiences a dental emergency, call our office immediately! We’ll talk you through the situation and schedule a same-day emergency visit if necessary.
  • Custom Athletic Mouthguards:  Children and teens who participate in contact sports and high-impact recreational activities are at an increased risk of dental injury. Athletic mouthguards not only protect your child’s teeth and soft tissues from injury, but they also help prevent more serious head trauma like concussions.

FAQs - Pediatric Dentist

When you get to our dental office, you will instantly see the difference. As a children’s dentist office, we have designed our lobby and exam rooms to be kid friendly. You will find age appropriate books, toys and warm colors that can help your child to relax and feel at ease.

We offer a variety of pediatric dentistry procedures that can help your child to stay in excellent oral health. While it starts with a dental exam and teeth cleaning, this is only the beginning. As a children’s dentist office, we can also complete fluoride treatments and seal the teeth when necessary.

We also recommend that you bring your child by our office before their first dental exam. When a child is familiar with an environment, they are more likely to be relaxed and to feel safe. Stop by and say hello to our friendly office staff so that when you return to our children’s dentist office for a teeth cleaning, your child will feel at ease during their appointment.


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