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Your Teeth and Middle Age: Tips for Oral Hygiene

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We make sure to inform patients at our Dearborn Office falling into the middle-age category, that oral hygiene is crucial. Of course, it is essential throughout life from the early years to later in life, but during the middle-ages of someone’s life, their routine can make a big difference.

Because as people age their health begins to become even more critical, oral hygiene can play a huge factor in how their teeth will be later in life. Many people who did not take care of their teeth during their middle-age years are left with having to have removed and replaced, or needing to get dentures. However, this can be avoided if they are good at keeping good oral hygiene.

Best oral hygiene tips for the middle-ages

We will look at some of the best oral hygiene tips and routines that will help you keep the healthiest teeth for as long as possible. Below are the best tips we give for people in the middle-age years to maintain good teeth and oral health:

Brushing twice per day is vital

For people in the middle-age years, their career and life can be busy. It is easy for someone to decide to skip brushing their teeth entirely in the morning or fall asleep at night before doing the same. However, it is essential for keeping teeth and gums healthy that someone brushes their teeth twice per day for 2 minutes.

This washes away food particles that have been trapped in the teeth after eating meals and gets rid of residue left on teeth from beverages and drinks that are consumed during the day. Even rinsing the mouth with mouthwash is not enough to knock the stubborn particles loose.

Flossing should never be skipped

There can not be enough said about flossing. So many people skip this part of their dental hygiene routine, but it is essential and vital for keeping teeth healthy.

When a person flosses, they knock loose particles of food that become lodged in between the teeth that even brushing cannot get to. When someone skips flossing, they are giving those particles the chance to begin growing bacteria. This will soon lead to tooth decay and cavities that will cause even more of a headache between having them filled and possible high costs in medical bills.

A person should floss daily because it is highly essential for keeping teeth and gums healthy! 

Using mouthwash is great

Although using mouthwash is not vital to keep teeth and gums healthy, it does not hurt in the least! Not only will a person be left with fresh smelling breath, but the rinse can help wash away harmful residue and bacteria that is left even after brushing and flossing.

Have more questions about good practices for people in their middle-age to keep their teeth and gums healthy? Contact us today, and we will help guide you to make the best choices for your teeth and gums. Give us a call now! 

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