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Starting at age one, children need to visit a kid friendly dentist to regularly examine emerging teeth and have any dental problems addressed. Although young children do not have a full set of teeth until three years old and only have baby teeth until age 12, tooth decay and root canals are still a concern. Finding a dentist for children can be difficult, but it doesn’t need to be.

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Here are some tips for choosing the right dentist for a child’s first dental exam.

Choosing a pediatric dentist or a general kid friendly dentist

When searching for a kid friendly dentist, parents can choose to take children to either a pediatric dentist or a general dentist. Since some young children might be anxious about visiting a dentist or have special needs, parents need to decide the best choice for their child.  Continue reading to learn the difference between these two types of dentists and the possible benefits of each.  

Pediatric dentist

pediatric dentist is a type of dentist who specializes in the oral health of children ranging from infancy age to adolescence. A pediatric dentist is often the best choice since these dentists receive special training in caring specifically for the teeth of children.  For infants, toddlers and young children, pediatric dentists can examine the effects of habits such as using a pacifier or thumb-sucking and offer advice on how to prevent potential dental issues.

These dentists also help identify the need for orthodontics early on due to issues such an improper bite and treat any cavities or other defects that develop. Additionally, a pediatric office is typically decorated in a way that appeals to children and might even include games or fun prizes to keep children entertained.

General dentist

Many parents choose to take children to a general dentist instead of a pediatric one. While these dentists are not trained specifically in caring for children’s teeth, a general dentist can still provide the necessary exams and dental cleaning required to maintain exceptional oral health care. The main benefit of choosing a general dentist over a pediatric dentist is that families can all visit the same office and be treated by a dentist that parents have already made a relationship with.

Parents should try to choose a kid friendly office that is willing to accommodate children and allows parents or adult to accompany kids into the treatment room. Fun decorations, televisions and toys are great additional perks as well and help ease any anxieties a child might have. 


Choosing the right kid friendly dentist depends on the dental needs of the child and the parent’s preference. While a pediatric dentist should have the knowledge and training necessary to address common oral health problems among children and help kids develop great dental hygiene habits, many general dentists are also willing to accommodate children and can allow families to make a single dental visit together.

No matter what type of dentist parents choose, it is important to find an office that provides excellent care to children and works to keep kids comfortable during each visit.

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